Yep, This time for you Guys !!!


Hello Everyone,

I am pretty sure you wonder who she is, what she is writing about… Although being my friend on social media -not knowing anything about me- and trying to be my friend. Really appreciate it!

This is first time happening here! Writing in English. Most of my foreign friends -I mean you guys- who knows my background through from my social media accounts, LinkedIn profile, visuals and photographs as much as I serve you as hints about my life. And most of you know that I love cats, reading books, driving, singing, writing articles as a columnist in a newspaper and magazines.

But you do not have any idea who I am, right?

I am a girl who changed her life 3 times radically from the roots, moved to different countries; Germany, USA, Canada, Turkey… and start to brand new life again and again. Finally just trying to settle down here, in Turkey and trying to achieve my goals and endeavor to become a successful business woman in real estate sector.

I am an entrepreneur and I have my own company. I am mostly serving investors, construction companies, architectural companies and also privately serving businessmen/women.

When I launch and start to run my company locally, many people told me that I have a wonderful background and I should do something else!

They think that I should work in a big, shiny glass curtained tall plazas and wearing sexy suits with high heels! (by the way I am already doing it whenever I need to catch the look, of course not if I am walking around the construction sites :))

WHY? Why should I do something else?

I have been already using all my talents and skills to improve my business and I’ve already started to make little differences and proud to see that:)

Yep! I know I have wonderful background, many capabilities but it doesn’t mean that life goes on as perfectly as you dreamed of!

Life has ups and downs for all of us. Gladsomely, I’ve slowly passed the downside of the harsh curve and finally my curve started to rise, at least emotionally.

I believe that being strong as psychologically will rise my mood and lead me to success, and proudly I carry all my talents with me and never give up on them -even when I was hopelessly in the worst part of the curve- and still trying to evolve and enhance myself and my talents.

Frankly, I have actively using English (but secretly) in my daily life as a business woman. Part of me somewhere else! I have to work twice as hard, spend twice as much time on each task and balance my life on the razor’s edge, to be here and now. It’s hard but I believe I am pretty much successful about it.

I love to talk, write and mostly read in English because of my personality which is always aspiring me to go beyond the boundaries drawn for me here in Turkey! But I have to serve my local residents and I have to express myself in Turkish perfectly for my business’ future success.

It’s really hard to run another web page in English for me, as I told you it would cost me twice effort and time… I do not have enough vigor, sorry about that!  Well, I will try to do my best, may be not everyday but I will try to be here more often for you guys!

Thanks for your support from the bottom of my heart!

I truly appreciate it.

Have a wonderful weekend with full of joy and laughter!

Aysun CAN